Thursday, October 24, 2019

Internet is for Everyone

1.) Internet is for everyone - but it won't be if it isn't affordable by all that wish to partake of its services, so we must dedicate ourselves to making the Internet as affordable as other infrastructures so critical to our well-being.

Internet is now a necessity, and it is something that everybody needs in modern day life. Everyday tasks, such as registering a vehicle, obtaining a permit, etc... is now done online. Also, in terms of education, kids who are able to afford technology have a massive advantage over kids who can't because of the many resources that exist online.

2.) Internet is for everyone - but it won't be if it is too complex to be used easily by everyone. Let us dedicate ourselves to the task of simplifying the Internet's interfaces and to educating all that are interested in its use.

Internet is a great tool but it isn't fair if everyone has pay to take classes to learn how to use it. It is very important to make the internet easy and simple to use because the very people who need the internet are the people who don't yet know how to use it. If we make it very complicated and difficult to use than it many people will not get the internet access they need and deserve.